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I am not just a chiropractor... I am a business owner and a Detective!

I knew I wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic since I was fifteen when I injured my elbow as an elite gymnast. I was unable to do gymnastics for six months and had tried many doctors and therapies to help my injury and nothing had worked. A teammate suggested trying chiropractic, and I was back to gymnastics in two weeks after getting a chiropractic adjustment. After being a chiropractor for a few years, I expanded my wellness center by becoming a Wellness Way Affiliate. My husband is a former firefighter and fire investigator that has struggled with chronic sinus issues as long as I have known him. He had three sinus surgeries and lost his smell and taste completely for about two years. Throughout my chiropractic career, I have used many different things to help him but they have all been temporary. By using The Wellness Way approach, I tested him with the proper labs and I was able to see exactly what was causing his sinus issues. For him, it was a liver, gut and immune system issue…