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Do you suffer from foot pain?

How do your feet feel after a long day at work or after a workout? Do you suffer from foot pain?

One of the most common foot problems, plantar fasciitis, occurs in over two million Americans a year, and will occur in 1 in 10 Americans over their lifetime. Additionally, over 95% of us will develop some type of foot ailment due to collapsing arch structure. There are many routine treatments for foot problems, from anti-inflammatory pills to cortisone injections, to different pads, cushions, ointments and, of course, surgery. All of these have temporary, pain-relieving effects. 

To permanently solve the problem, you must change the way your feet function on the ground. The foot is a complex area of the body that is made up of 26 bones and even more joints that all work together when you move. When it works as designed, the foot is capable of remarkable things which all help insure not only pain-free health of the foot, but the parts up the chain, including ankles, knees, hips and spine. Th…

Fitness, Nutrition and Chiropractic

Did you know over 80% of the chronic diseases currently affecting the population are completely preventable with a healthy lifestyle?

For anyone trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle three major areas must be addressed: fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic. Having a daily exercise routine is an important factor in achieving your EnVitality, or ultimate health. Did you know that regular exercise can lower your risk for various diseases and conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, etc. Research also shows that any amount of exercise, at any age is beneficial. Regular exercise creates a fit and healthier you, and a longer lifespan. The list of benefits is impressive and having a fitness routine is one important piece of the healthy lifestyle triad. 

The next import piece of the triad is nutrition. As stated by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, "Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food." Too often as Americans we simply want to pop a p…